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Cho thuê văn phòng

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The major characteristic of this pump

  • 1、This pump are sealing up position each mainly to adopt angle sealed structural technology extensively , are sealed and reliable , have simple technology , pack to take apart convenience;

  • 2、Entered drain the adopting of valve base is mounted hard alloy, valve adopting spring ball valve, hardness altitude, wear-resisting, impulse withstand, pack to take apart convenience, service life is long;

  • 3、The big ship of leather belt left put diameter to increase , power change convenience and easy;

  • 4、The safe valve adopt diaphragm type;

  • 5、The double-disk clutch have little adhesion , it is also reliable to operate to be easy;

  • 6、force plunger are sealed up add together water ring, make sealing up reliable, since washing cooling force plunger and the dirt on force plunger in time, make force plunger more durable.

  • 7、It can be transported mud, and also transport mortar.



Horizontal, triplex, reciprocating, single acting plunger pump
Stroke 100mm
Liner dia Φ65
Pump speed (min) 201,151,101,77
Output volume (l.p.m) 200,150,100,75
Discharge pressure (Mpa) 5.0,6.5,10.0,10.0
Transport medium size < 3
Transport medium Max.size < 7 (Content is less than 5%.)
Total efficiency 70%
Input power/speed (kw/r.p.m) 22/500
Water: Ash: Sand limit density 1:2:4
Input speed of pump (r.p.m) 500
Max. suction height (m) 2.5
Inside diameter of suction hose (mm) Φ76
Inside diameter of discharge (mm) Φ51
Overall dimensions (mm) 1660*920*867
Weight (kg) 940 (including motor)

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